Look at this clever project of Ambrosia Girl, she decided to create tiny Polaroid magnets. On her website she offers a Polaroid template she used for the project, printing and adapting the selected photos in this format. Then she has cutted and pasted them on chipboard, painted the edges with a white opaque pen and finally attached a magnet on the back. Ingenious!

This creative idea features a very original diy handcraft which includes crafting tiny chipboard magnets with polaroid photos on. Although the procedure seems complicated, all phases can be completed easily. You can craft as man as chipboard magnets you want as long as you have sufficient materials.

The procedure starts with printing photos in small sizes. Once photos are ready, small chipboard pieces are cut according to the photos. Then small photos are pasted on chipboards and edges are painted with white opaque pen. The product is finalized with magnets being attached on back side.

Full size is 570X872 (Link to full-size image) pixels.
Source: ohcrafts.net

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